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How I used pleasure to heal after sexual trauma

Listen to the full podcast episode over here; Let me first start by saying this may invoke strong feelings, maybe activations or triggers. Please listen to your body and your intuition. If you need to rest rest, if you need a break, take a break. Don't be afraid to pause. If you need to, the information in this episode will hopefully support you or a loved one healing and thriving in life. We all deserve that. I'm going to share with you how I was before I started my healing journey and what my life looked like to give you an idea of how far I've come, then I'll share how I've used pleasure to heal my mind, body, and soul. So let us dig in. So life before I found my pleasure practice. All right, we're going to rip the bandaid off here and I'm just going to jump right on in. I was raped at 16 years old. I won't share the details here because the details aren't necessarily important for your he

The Three Types of Care & Why You Need All Three to Thrive in Life

Would rather listen than read? Here is the full Nantucket After Dark Episode here; so let's get to it. I live and I love this. So I'm going to share with you these three different types of care we need and how to apply them. So, first off self-care everyone pretty much knows this, right? Its self-care is this idea where we care for ourselves and maybe it involves a massage or maybe an involves, um, going for a walk or making sure we're eating really well. What self-care truly is, is allowing us to maintain our full cup so that we can be there for ourselves and then be there for others. So self-care is maintenance. It is not actually building yourself up, but it's maintaining that full cup. What a lot of people. Get confused when they say I'm doing self-care, they're actually probably doing aftercare and aftercare is something where we go through something challenging traumatic crisis, where we are giving