8 Minute Read - Influence the room, don't be influenced by the room

 Originally posted September 2020

What do I mean by this?  I mean, allow your energy to raise the vibration to the space you’re in rather than be affected by those around you.  


It has been said that Buddha could walk through a city, and the energy of the town and the people would change.  The townspeople were happier and more agreeable towards each other; animals seemed docile. Buddha was able to influence with love towards every living being.  I think this way when it comes to Jesus.  I bet when Jesus walked around, all those for miles could similarly feel the love.  His love, we can still feel! Why do many people feel connected to Jesus; he's a powerful source of love. I believe we can all reach and influence each other with that type of love energy.  


If you’re an empath or a lightworker, you’ll know your energy can easily be affected by those around you.  So if others are having a bad day, you may quickly feel as though you are as well.  If the energy of space feels lower or negative, you’ll feel it.    


I find my empath abilities, such as reading people’s energies, served me as a survival tool.  If I could know how someone felt or was feeling, I would navigate through the encounter.  


At first, I thought this was a gift.  Being intuitive and feeling is what we light-workers do. Now, I see this is a trauma response, people-pleasing.  After studying energy for almost a decade, I have witnessed people-pleasing leads to auto-immune disease in the body.  Why? People-pleasing tends to go against our true selves because we are trying to accommodate someone else.  Meaning, every time we try to please someone else and have not taken care of ourselves or are going against our true self, that creates an energetic response.  That energetic response shows up in the body as cells attack other cells.  Common Autoimmune Diseases; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Celiac Disease, MS, Type 1 Diabetes, Alopecia. 


A personal example: I had Celiac Disease when I was in my late teens and early 20s. Celiac Disease is not able to digest correctly with an immune reaction to gluten.   The energy part of the body these rules is the solar plexus chakra, which is boundaries.  I wasn’t digesting information coming to me or digesting the trauma I experienced years before.  I also didn’t have healthy and definite boundaries.  I allowed others to influence who I was and what I wanted.  I am also people-pleased to keep the peace.  This dis-ease within my life showed up as a disease within my body.  


Think of it like this; you are your body, mind, and soul, correct? All of your wishes, thoughts, and desires are your own.  Everything is energy.  Every reaction has an equal or greater reaction, no matter how large or small that energy is.  Our thoughts and emotions are included.  When someone else comes into your life, your energetic field, and wants you or asks you to do something against your wishes, thoughts, and desires, you are attacking yourself if you go against your wishes, ideas, and desires.  Sometimes we need to do this to survive.  Once we are strong enough, then we can adjust.  If we continue to people-please, the dis-ease in your life will show up as a disease within the body.  Also, on top of this, if you’re an empath or a lightworker and you can’t tell another person’s energy from your own, then this can lead to autoimmune.  


Autoimmune disease is a dis-ease within the body.  The body has a natural defense system against outside forces, but if the body can’t tell an external force from its own body, it will attack.  And that’s what happens when we people please and allow another person’s energy to influence our own. We have many bodies, and they are all connected; the physical body, mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and so on.  


This is why it’s essential to influence the room and not be influenced by the place you are in or the people you are around.  This is why it’s necessary to listen to one’s heart, mind, and soul.  Connecting with one’s spirit team and higher self are some of the best tools for guidance so that you aren’t being influenced by the room mentally or spiritually.  

For emotionally and environmentally being influenced by the room or influencing the room, you’ll need to take care of your energy.  This means taking care of your body as well as not people-pleasing and keeping your energetic field healthy.  


Here are the ways I have seen for my clients and experienced keeping one’s energetic field healthy; Being grounded and having boundaries.  The chakra system is highly essential for this.  Having a clear and robust root chakra and Solar plexus chakras are extremely important. But really, it’s vital to have all chakras be clear and balanced.  

The root is your safety and community, as well as money.

The sacral chakra is your joy, creativity, and fun, as well as having enjoyment and fun with money.

The solar plexus chakra is your boundaries, strength, and ability to stay peaceful in a storm.

The heart chakra allows all things you love to flow to and from you; people, places, situations, money, time, etc. 

The throat chakra rules your truth, communication, and your voice.

The third eye chakra takes care of your hopes, dreams, and imagination.

The crown chakra is your connection to God, your higher self, and feeling connected to everything. 


You need all of these chakras working together; clear, healthy, and communicating and connecting.  You will need to be grounded in your root chakra to connect with your higher self or God safely.  You’ll need to be grounded in your root chakra, have healthy solar plexus for boundaries, and connect to your heart and throat to not people-please, live your most authentic highest version of yourself. You’ll need your sacral chakra healthy and balanced connection to your balanced and robust heart chakra to feel joy, delight, and have a powerful, healthy romantic love connection. There are endless combinations and benefits with the chakras. 


If you want to influence a room and not be affected by it and support raising the vibration of the room to love.  I have this goal because I follow Jesus. To me, Jesus is the best representation of Love energy.  The tried and true bible verse from the 1 Corinthians; Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud. It does not dishonor others; it is not self-seeking; it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. Love never fails. 


If we as empaths and light-workers are looking to be the highest vibration of Love, this is a good road map.  Here are the steps to support your alignment with this love energy journey to get to this level. 


Step 1. Take care of your energy.  Take care of your Chakras and energetic field. Each one of us will be called to take care of our life force in different ways.  There are many modalities and combinations out there.  God will guide you through your Spirit Team...Speaking of


Step 2. Connect with God, your spirit team, and your higher self. We are always being guided.  It’s important to listen.  I wish listening to one’s intuition was taught in schools.  Our intuition is one way our Spirit teams guide us.  


Step 3. Know who you are and be willing to allow this person to evolve as you learn and grow. Knowing who you are, don’t compromise by pleasing others.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be an ass, or you won’t have a friend in the world.  The opposite is true.  Suppose you have a healthy root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and throat chakra. In that case, you’ll have boundaries, be a peaceful warrior, and use your voice in the most truthful, loving way possible that leads to a stronger community of people that surround you. It’s safe for you to be the highest version of yourself, and you’ll connect with like-minded individuals.  


Step 4. Continue taking personal inventory as you walk this life.  Some questions to ask yourself along the way; Have your beliefs changed? Has your truth changed? How are you honoring yourself? Is there anywhere ready to be healed and transmuted to light so that you may raise your vibration to a higher frequency? What other check-in questions can you ask yourself regularly?  


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