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8 Minute Read - Influence the room, don't be influenced by the room

 Originally posted September 2020 What do I mean by this?  I mean, allow your energy to raise the vibration to the space you’re in rather than be affected by those around you.     It has been said that Buddha could walk through a city, and the energy of the town and the people would change.  The townspeople were happier and more agreeable towards each other; animals seemed docile. Buddha was able to influence with love towards every living being.  I think this way when it comes to Jesus.  I bet when Jesus walked around, all those for miles could similarly feel the love.  His love, we can still feel! Why do many people feel connected to Jesus; he's a powerful source of love. I believe we can all reach and influence each other with that type of love energy.     If you’re an empath or a lightworker, you’ll know your energy can easily be affected by those around you.  So if others are having a bad day, you may quickly feel as though you are as well.  If the energy of space feels lower