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Three Reasons Why Mediums are important & Two Ways to be more intuitive

Originally posted on November 06, 2019   First off, what is a medium? A medium is someone that is able to communicate with the spirit world; your higher self, angels, loved ones, and pets that have passed on. Mediums are not special. Make no mistake about it, we all are capable of speaking to those that have passed on. We are all capable to connect with the spirit world. It's important to do so safely and properly. At the end, I'll share some tips for you. But first, why are mediums important. (The video to watch is at the end of this blog.) 1. They prove that there is a spirit world, afterlife, and a God. Many of us don't believe in God and/or believe in an afterlife. Many of us have gone through something and given up on God. Many of us feel alone or confused when it comes to God and the afterlife. Mediums are able to connect you to the spirit world and help remind you of your faith and that you’re not alone. Why? Because when you sit down with a clear channel, you're

I'm Afraid I'll Fart & Six Other reasons people don't want to practice yoga

Originally posted in 2016 There are many reasons why someone won't attend a yoga class. Myself included. But the excuses are just that and shouldn't hold us back.  Yoga is for everyone and every body.  The benefits are incredible! There are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and yes financial benefits. There's a study out there that makes the connection between a regular yoga practice with financial stability. Crazy right!    We know yoga can help us, so here are some excuses and how to overcome them.   Gassy. Aka farts A few months ago, I had a friend say to me "I want to go to your class but I'm afraid I'll fart."  You know what I say to this, "Who cares!"  And here's why.  1. In almost every single one of my yoga books where the benefits of each pose are listed, included in the benefits are that the pose relieves gas.  I will say, the more yoga one practices, the less gas they do have.  All the twisting and bending and downward doggin

For better relationships, take care of yourself

Originally posted on March 20th, 2018 I 'm often asked by clients how they can improve their relationships. There can be many different items on the list of relationship improvement, the biggest one is to take care of yourself. It will feel as though you are being selfish but believe me, you're not. Truth be told, if your resources aren't high, how can you be there for others? You just can't. You need to take care of your health and well-being and then you'll be present for your loved ones.  I have seen time and time again couples find their way back to each other when they take care of their well-being. I've seen friendships grow and inspire when people put their health first.  I'm talking about all areas of your health and well-being; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, environmental, and financial.   That's why this topic is today's love lesson. Take care of yourself for better relationships.  Watch the three-minute Love Lesson below.   If you

The Eight Lessons I learned from Watching Five Souls Die

We are all in the mists of some form of transformation.  And that’s what death is, transformation.  Out of all the transformations I have witnessed, the actual act of dying is so surreal.  I’m the type of person that takes a long time to process thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes years.  I have had the gift of watching five souls die.  I say it’s a gift because each was an intimate and personal moment I was able to be a witness to.  Watching someone you love take their last breath can be traumatic as well as beautiful.   I have so much to say about this, but for today I want to make sure I share what I have learned from watching five souls die.    The eight things I learned from watching five souls die.  It’s so weird to say, but here we go.  1.  Eat the food and don’t deprive yourself and take good care of your body as well.  Nourish your body.  Respect your body. don’t deny the treats.  Before they put my mother into an induced coma all she wanted was a sip of water.  But she couldn’