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Love is...

Originally posted in 2017. Love is so many things, isn't it? We think love is complicated but this couldn't be further from the truth. Love is simple. In fact, the purer the love, the less complicated. It's our human selves, our egos, our minds that complicated things. We put conditions on love and expect unconditional love in return. We want someone to love us for who we are yet, we have trouble loving ourselves in this way. We're afraid to love for fear of a future that hasn't come to pass and a fear of getting hurt. I have found that love does what love does without thinking, or conditions or fear. The more you can let go, the more love floods into your life. And it's not necessarily love received but also love given. Love doesn't make the pain go away. Love reminds us that the world is a wonderful place to live in and we are lucky to be alive.  You know it's love when you give freely without wondering how your love will be returned.  Maybe our roman

As the light rises, so does the shadow

Originally posted on  November 15, 2016   Have you ever been on a cleanse? Cleanses are an excellent way for the body to get rid of toxins. Often, the toxins come to the surface and manifest in different ways; headaches, moodiness, acne, nausea, etc. The toxins could be the good we eat and our emotions. If we keep up with the cleanse, keep drinking plenty of fluids, I also find prayer and meditation to help gain strength and clarity; we will make it through with our body, mind, and spirit clear and healthy. There are many different types of cleanses; just eating clean and drinking water will cleanse the body. There are extreme cleanses, mind cleanses, and everything in between cleanses. I use this example because our world is shifting and moving into a higher vibration. We can tell by feeling but also by watching. Over the past year especially, we have had so much violence, our shadow selves coming to the surface. Our toxins, if you will. There are also a lot more people wanting to bec

36 Questions to Fall In Love With Anyone

 Originally posted in 2017 What if falling madly in love with someone was as simple as asking a few questions? There have been years and years of research and studies done on these questions that have been known to make the subjects fall in love. The conclusion is these 36 questions when two people complete them face to face, they experience love.   One example being two strangers completing the questions from start to finish, face to face as well as looking into each other's eyes for four minutes, six months later they married. They weren't the only couple. The end result or goal isn't so much marriage but to see how deep we can go with someone else. These questions probe into our stories, allowing the other person to get to know us on a deeper level, while also allowing us to be vulnerable. This vulnerability can very be where love can grow from. It has been said, that if you get to know someone and their story, you'll love them. I know this to be true. Today's lo

3 Ways to Find Emotional Buried Treasure

 Originally posted 2017 You may know yourself very well, I'm not doubting that you do. I know for myself, I am always discovering bits of myself. And it's not as if they weren't there, to begin with, it's almost like a buried treasure that I forgot about. It's a joyful thing to get to know one's self better. The exercises today are to help you (and myself) dig and find the buried treasure within ourselves. At first, these exercises will feel awkward but keep at them. You'll most likely find one or a combination which works for you or even come up with your own to help you moving forward. It's exciting to work and the best job you'll ever have is working on yourself! 1. Observe life. Have you ever watched a movie and had an "ah-ha!" Moment? For a moment, a day, or however long you deem fit, just observe life around you as though you are watching a movie. You'll begin to see things from a different perspective. Instead of seeing the thing