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New Everything!

  Sending love to you dear reader! New Everything!  New Email...New Website...New Love School Websites...New Events...New Loveblog...A new place to be a community called The Love Network... I have planted so many seeds over the past year and they are finally bearing fruit.  Just in time for the Full Moon.  When a full moon arrives we reach a point of endings.  You may be experiencing an ending as well.  Now, for me, the work isn't completely finished on the new Love School websites.  I plan on redoing over 1400 hours of workshops, courses, and offerings to be more inclusive of marginalized groups.  This will take place over the next few years.  A process I plan on taking slowly to make sure I am not only improving the content but the delivery.  We have already begun using closed captions during our weekly intuitive groups.   I recently heard someone say about having people with disabilities test their products, "The products always come out better."  When we take into acc