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Is Prayer Missing From Sex?

Is prayer missing from sex? I grew up catholic. Prayer was in everything. Before a meal, we prayed. Driving past a car crash, we prayed. About to take a test, we prayed. (‘Come Spirit come’ was the calling in The Holy Spirit. My mother told me to use this prayer before a test, an event, or public speaking. This way, the Holy Spirit would move through us.) Having a bad day or struggling, We prayed...and offered it up our suffering to the souls in purgatory. My parents were fairly open when it came to sex. They answered any of my questions. I never felt shamed by them for asking or being curious. My mother told me, “if you can’t talk about sex, don’t have sex. You need to be comfortable talking about sex to be having sex.” Since I knew I wanted to be having sex, even though I wasn’t quite sure what it was, I quickly forced myself to be comfortable talking about sex. Perhaps as a young girl, I knew what my calling was. Maybe my parents knew as well. When it came to sexual intercourse and